The Build. The Prologue

“So far she’s having Dura-Ace with SLK Light cranks and Hope carbon wheels”

“She? Ha, you’ve sexed a Ti bike? That would have been my choice though, they look ideal for round here. Clinchers, presumably?”

“Nope, tubs! I’m not getting it dirty! I have a TK2 for that.”

“Tubs? Remind me never to be with you when you puncture :)”

So begins the build of my GF-Ti. I love picking all the little pieces of a new bike, like a kid in a sweet shop. Carbon-bons anyone?
Chatting with J did make me think though, what sex is a bike? Cars and boats are often referred to as feminine. Is a bike the same? 
I confuse myself: In singular form my bike is definitely ‘she’. But if I refer to all of my bikes when they’re waiting for me as ‘stallions’, then they’re male. 
The English language doesn’t use the masculine and feminine like many other languages. 
In Spanish a bike is feminine, but a car is masculine. German is masculine, French is feminine. In Italian, La bicicletta feminina.

So I had a little survey, the responses are brilliant. Thank you all for your help.

Here’s some responses from the boys…

“Mine are definitely female, need constant loving and attention and cost me a fortune!”

“Neither – it’s a bike”

“I don’t tend to think of my things in terms of gender…more in terms of species”

“Definitely female, currently complaining we never go anywhere, just sit in front of the TV. I keep saying ‘it’s a turbo session….'”

“Both of mine are female. The Cervelo is a lady and the other….isn’t”

And here’s some from the girls…

“Mine are both girls, its a girl power thing”

“All four are boys but I think my CX bike is a bit confused”

“My Roubaix is a female and why I call her Ruby. My CX is a male definitely male. The MTB is neutered so is of no sex”
Curious, I asked “Why?”
“It was a frame off EBay, it was like a rescue and as standard rescue animals are neutered so frames aren’t too?”

“Strangely all mine seem to be blokes”

[with reference to a recently discovered cracked frame] “I think m bike was defo a woman..a male bike would have for sure let me know about that ‘injury’ every time I got on him…’

I’m not sure there’s really an answer, it’s personal. 
They’re rarely inanimate though. They affect us too much, that first taste of freedom, adventure, a release from childhood into an adult world and then a route back to the raw pleasure of being a big kid.
I wonder if my new build will take a gender or a species as the little pieces of metal and carbon take form. What will its character be?
There’s one thing for sure, as it’s Ti it’s going to be classy. Though secretly I’m hoping for a bad boy in a sharp suit!



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