Glueing tubs….a trip down memory lane

Who would have thought a pot of glue could bring back so many memories?! I’m hoping that I’ll have finished building the GF-Ti for the Coal Road Reliability Trial at the weekend. It’s run by the lovely chaps at Lune CC.
Next job on the list was to start the process of glueing tubs on. As I slowly began sanding down rims, running my fingers across their surface for burrs, memories of my earliest experiences of TT came back.
I still own my first pair of tubs. I bought them second hand from RF the local cycling club president. They were originally built by Pete Matthews for Robert Millar. Probably 20+ years old now. Still fly though.
RF was a huge influence on my early years. He used to teach me little bits about cycling and it’s history. His work room was a cave of history with frames from days gone by. TT Roberts low pro hanging never to be touched again. Hidden boxes with precious cargo of campag gems. Tiny pots of touch up paint in a rainbow of colours. Always something interesting in the work stand.
The lessons learnt then still true today…. – the only sound is your free hub
– everything must be co-ordinated
– you can never have enough bikes

And for that I’m thankful.




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