The 200 Mile Commute

It’s ok, it wasn’t all in one day! Chopped up into four days it’s much less dramatic…..the weather however did its best!

I’ve been lucky this week and had a nice long commute to work and if I choose, there’s a few nice wiggly hilly options to come home by.
It’s an eye opener for me to travel through towns in the morning rush hour. I’m used to always sticking to lanes rather than the main highway. There’s been some interesting driving!
Some even more interesting weather! It’s rained, real rain, soggy dribble down your neck rain, dissolve your brake pads rain and the wind! Grappling your bars down so the gusts can’t blast them out of your hands. Grinding uphill into a headwind into the darkness……

That makes it all sound terrible….it wasn’t, it’s never that bad. Always there’s a gem that makes you smile. I stopped today to catch a sunset and three deer were frolicking below. I saw a kestrel, the first flowers of spring, lambs, found the most random village shop and discovered I can get a chilli pork pie in my jersey pocket!

And for the last 25 miles the sun broke through and treated me to beautiful views.



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