Lots of bikes but very little riding!


Ever have one of those days? Having spent yesterday with J building up the new steed only to run out of time and still have the steerer to cut, we decided why rush and it’s getting done tomorrow.
I had planned to take it out today round the Coal Road Reliability trial with A. Not to worry I thought, I’ll ride the TK2. It’s looking a bit battle scared after the winter so a new chain and cassette were fitted. J prodded my rear mech with a concerned face on. ‘ah it’ll be ok for tomorrow!’ I exclaimed. Changed the brake pads (almost a record of two weeks to dissolve them) and decided it’d be fine.
We decided against Coal Road as A had been getting over a cold and planned a more gentle paced ride through the dales to ‘bag’ some more climbs as Fred Whitton Challenge training.


Nope my rear mech was having none of it! Thankfully we were close to JDTandems in Gargrave who kindly let his toast go cold and his fingers go oily whilst attempting to salvage it. Alas it was dead. They only do tandems so no short cages mechs. They kindly rang across to JDCycles in Ilkley who had one there and could fit it right away.
So off we went in the van.
JDCycles were great and swapped it across with a new cable too whilst we had coffee and cake.
Back in the van again and back to our start point and were off!

CRUNCH! (but only under hill stamping load)

A looks at me and my frustrated face ‘it’s not our day is it?!’ she says.

Snarling metal sounds are never great. So we gave up, turning and heading back to JDTandems.

‘Its my rings isn’t it?’ I queeried ‘err, well yes, maybe see if you can get back on the big ring, it’s got a few more teeth on it!’ was the polite reply!

So off we set again, grand total of 18miles ridden! Ah well the GF-Ti is ready tomorrow! It better not rain!



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