Lanzarote training camp day 1


It’s back to Lanzarote for me this week. I’m working leading out rides for the second EveryDay Training camp. It was set up by Double EnduroMan winner Jo Carritt and Steven Lord.

The camp is a relatively relaxed atmosphere but the emphasis is on very high levels of training. Each day campers must complete a minimum of a half hour swim, four hour cycle and a half hour run. Doesn’t sound too bad when you write it like that eh!? That gives you around thirty hours by the end of the week.
There’s also Jo’s marvellously odd system of winning ‘wildcards’. Basically do more and potentially win time off the next day or barter them with a fellow athlete. It’s great for building a camaraderie within camp.

There are races every other day. Today saw a 10 mile TT around the El Golfo loop in the Timanfiya National park.

Timanfiya is a still active range of volcanoes towards the south of the island. It’s stunningly beautiful, the harsh winds from the Atlantic and Sahara bashing together over the Canaries mean little vegetation grows here. The long set lava looks just set. Jagged waves of black rock and burn land rise up into a blue blue sky. Battered from the west by frothing white waves.

It makes for a stunning setting for a TT. It’s hot and windy. Early races make for a great leveller within the camp. All staff are encouraged to race too. It’s a flying start down towards the green lake where they desalinise the sea water then turn into evil head wind along the coast, reducing me down to 12mph!
It’s the first time I’ve raced the GF-Ti and it responds beautifully, still a few jumpy chain issues when changing though! Grrr! Amazingly the Hope Hoops don’t seem to catch much in the crosswinds despite their 50mm profile. There’s certainly no need for the mudguard mounts here! This bike feels like it was made for sunshine!
I’m fairly pleased with fastest girl….and the only camper technically on a touring bike! 😉 You always think you can go faster though!

Each day has an extended route for winning ‘wildcards’ and I take the medium pace over Fire Mountain and back through the vineyards towards the legendary Donkey Track, a wiggly worm of a road. I can’t decide if it’s more fun up or down!

A quick run and then it’s another game of guessing what the buffet is and trying not to eat too much beige food!


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