EveryDay Training Camp Lanzarote day 2

The still black sky greets our eyes, cool sand beneath our feet making the Atlantic all the less appealing at this hour. Volcanic activity has brought jellyfish in from the deep, eyes scan the rolling tide.
Thankfully none in sight, it would have been a shame to have covered myself in baby oil to slip into a rubber suit for no reason after all!

This morning the campers have sets of race start drills to complete as well as their swim. I wonder why one of the swimmers is by my side, what a gent I think! I should add that as much as I love open water swimming, I find it hard to make myself jump in a pool. Not really a good plan for speeding up my swimming! However it turns out his back is as stiff as a board and he’s in the hands of Ali who’s here in her capacity as Mills Physiotherapy to patch the campers back together! 

After a breakfast that looked like the other campers ate mainly eggs (turbo charge rear booster for the hills, maybe?!) and I stuck to muesli, we headed off on the ride.

Today was fairly hilly for some with a bonus ‘wildcard’ if you drop down and climb back up Tabeyesco. For those that don’t know it, it’s a winding climb up to the top of a volcano. Those with me knew they’d get a cheeky espresso at the top.  It’s also a chance to recce the climb before the TT up it on Thursday.
Gathered at the base we gently rolled straight into a headwind. I found myself nudging forward, I can’t help it. I love climbing. Side by side with Steven, he drops the bomb and sprints off, I’m tempted to give chase but this isn’t timed so I don’t. A couple of boys have tagged on my wheel, I dance a wiggle in the road, mainly to be a git and see if they want to play. Tim Bishop is the only one to stay, we jostle, swapping wheels, Steven with an imaginary bunny tail still in view. 
The road snakes back and forth allowing short sections of tailwind. It makes me smile, I look back, a gap has opened. The pure joy of dancing on the pedals takes over me, smooth Tarmac and twisting bends, BIG GRIN!
Steven’s waiting at the turn, he waits to make sure nobody does a wrong turn. Tim is here with his cheeky grin and off we dance up the rest of the wiggly worm into a misty topped sky. A big thank you to Tim for making it more fun! I’m not really sure my jabbering away in his ear helped him much though!



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