EveryDay Training Camp Day 5. Almost relaxed!


Camp today was far more relaxed. It’s the full Lanzarote Ironman course tomorrow on the bike so campers were keen to win their wild cards today to save having to swim in the dark!

I however had a lie in! 😉

I was taking the fast group out on the bikes for the long ride. They had the option of cutting it to the standard distance at the top of the Fermes climb. We rode out through the lava fields and backwards round the El Golfo loop.
As we rolled down past the sea, waves bashing the shore we saw what I thought was a wedding taking place. A woman in a long white dress, a few others, a film camera. I was kindly informed by Mel that they were shooting a porn movie! She’d been caught there once before when someone had a mechanical. Erm Lava porn? Really? Sounds rather uncomfortable!

We headed right down to the south of the island towards Playa Blanca before turning in to climb Fermes. I’ve been waiting to have a good stamp on this one. We’ve all signed on to Strava and I could hear it calling!
It’s not too steep or too long, little kick at the end but fun all the same.
I had the camera on my bars, thinking it would be fun to film myself climbing. I don’t think I’ll post it, looks more like I’m auditioning for the lava porn!

Coffees at the top before we go flying down and up and over Fire Mountain. I can’t resist pushing the pace a bit having kept it quite steady with the slower groups. The Tarmac is so smooth and the bends twist and turn through the jutting lava.
It’s ok for me though as I’m helping time keep, it’s the campers who have to run a 10km race when we get back.
And yes this is their easy day!

The campers are all competing for an overall prize and this race gains them more points. Steven has been having a lovely time calculating the handicap so they all cross the line together. There’s some tired faces chugging along by now.
Still a race is a race and by the time they cross the line the smiles are beaming!

I find it quite hard to make myself road run unless I have to, so choose to run back around the bay. A few scrambles over the rocky sides and trails, I’m in inov8 Bare-x 180 shoes and the sticky soles enable you to take most things in your stride……you can take a fell runner out of Yorkshire but she’ll still find some filth to run in!

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