Because we are your friends


We truly believe you’d be better off with us

So come,

Come to the land where anything belongs

No one else will let you know the truth

You’ll never be alone again

Well come on, well come on

Well come on, well come on

Because we are your friends

You’ll never be alone again.


Ok so maybe Simian’s thoughts when writing those lyrics might not have been about cycling up and down brutal Yorkshire climbs, but it sort of fits! After all Mr Pain and Mr Hill are your new best friends!

I’d been wondering about trying to join all my favourite “nasties” together and how many feet of climbing that would be. 


I’d invited some friends over. The weather has been doing it’s best attempts at trying to drown us of late, and today was no exception. Simon and Paul arrived in a downpour. Ali was taking some convincing to leave the house at all. All wrapped up in winter kit and gloves we set off.

I must admit it was to be a brutal day despite the weather. I’d plotted 10’000ft of climbing in 75miles. The idea was to plot something worse than the Fred Whitton, only shorter so that both Simon and Ali would gain the confidence to know they could do it. Simon had won a place from Saddleback through Bikeshak where he works. It’s hard to pack all the climbs in if you live somewhere flatter. A relentless sucession of 25% climbs starting within the first 4 miles.

I think we had a little bit of everything cycling can offer all packed into a day. Sun, rain, hail, wind, mechanicals, punctures, steamy cafes, cobbles, climbs, joy and nearly tears!

I’d ridden the TK2 again, quite glad it had it’s mudguards on. I think the GF-Ti will think I’m neglecting it if the weather doesn’t clear up soon! To give the TK2 some credit though, it’s a great bit of kit, you can bash it up and down all sorts and it rarely complains. I am getting a bit bored of coming in wearing my brake pads on my shins though! Twisting and wiggling little lanes certainly test both you and the bike to the limit. Simon exclaimed at one point “I can’t believe it, 30mph to bottom gear in 10 seconds!”


All rounded off with roast lamb. We’d cycled past their relatives on the second climb!


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