Patting the Lucky Dog!


RAIN RAIN RAIN….Don’t worry this isn’t a grumpy post, more a frustrated post. I have shiny new YBN gold chain that I want to go play with, I know it stays gold but I still don’t fancy grinding my Hope carbon tubs through this weather! 

Yesterday was promised to be dry, so I excitedly brought the GF-Ti down from it’s bedroom…..we must have lasted seconds outside before the pat-pat-pat of raindrops began. 😦 Then just to make things really fun it threw a hail storm at us! Still I got to play for a little bit with the gold chain. I know it’s shallow but it does look pretty!

However I’m curious of one thing, it’s a Dura-Ace groupset. Yet the shifting it much better with the new chain? The last one was Dura-Ace. I can only think in the most scientific terms, it must be because it’s BLING!

So home we came. Pacing up and down I decided to make best use of the time…..


Brakes were changed……


I even fixed the inner tube mountain that had steadily been growing! 

The weather had continued. One moment lulling you into a false sense of sunshine before gloomy clouds decended again bringing stair rods of freezing rain. I wanted to get back out for a few extra miles. Motivation was lacking. Scrolling through Twitter I wasn’t the only one. I spied a friend in the same thoughts and we arranged to meet.

The clouds broke open for us as we danced up hill, the sun shone and the tail wind on the tops made for an ace ride. Tim and I are simular height so we were able to swap bikes and I got to have a quick play on his new Kinesis road bike, before he squeeked that my legs were slightly longer and could we swap back!

We made a quick trip through the park in Todmorden to pat the Lucky Dog to see if it will bring us good weather. Fingers crossed eh!


Thank you Tim for a great ride.


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