Mills Hills…..a road and CX sportive just for you

Sometimes an idea pops in your mind, rolls around, hides in a corner for a while. Then just when you’re not expecting it, out it comes and starts dancing about. Well that’s what happened just a short while ago. I’ve known Mark Walsh for years, we …

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Who’s in the ditch?

So as yet another wet weekend is looming, tyres changed to mud, thermal base layers under Tri kit, winter bikes back out or winter waterproofs brought back from storage. Please spare a little moment to appreciate those who’s job it is to hang out …

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Assault on Blackpool

So with wheels burning a hole in my imagination all week I decided to treat them to a little trip to the seaside, worried that the other wheels in the bike’s bedroom might have been telling them nasty stories about being thrashed up and down the h…

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