Lakeland weekend part 1: Andrew’s Joss Naylor Challenge


Ok so this post has nothing to do with cycling. It may also be a bit indulgent, but anyway on with the story….

This weekend one of the lads from our running club successfully completed his Joss Naylor Challenge. For those of you who are wondering what on earth that is and who Joss Naylor is, I shall explain.

Joss Naylor is one of my heroes. He’s a sheep farmer and the greatest fell runner of all time. A true LEGEND! He’s achieved things in his lifetime that I doubt will ever be done again.

Here’s a few…. However that barely scratches the surface, he’s raised thousands and thousands of pounds for charity over the years too and still remains true to his roots.

The Joss Naylor Challenge can only be completed once you’ve turned 50. You have 12 hours if you’re 50 and 15 hours for over 55. You cover a route including 30 mountain summits over 47 miles with 17000′ of climbing. You have a crew of extra runners with you for safety, they carry all your stuff and navigate for you, verifying the summits as you pass.

So at the age of 55 years young Andrew Bibby has trained hard, rallied friends and fellow runners from Todmorden Harriers and we’re all off to the Lakes. The route starts in Pooley Bridge and ends by Joss’ house near Wasdale. If you’re lucky the man himself is home and will come out to see you in.

Ali, Kath and I were told to climb to the pass at the base of Pillar with extra water for the runners. This is on the last leg of the round. Andrew had a schedule of 14 and a half hours to get round but was going so fast he was up 44 minutes! He was beginning to suffer a little with cramp in his quads but was still smiling and looking pretty fresh when we saw him. A quick grab of drinks and they were off.

We made our way back down the valley to meet the others from the support crew at the finish.

And Joss was there too! 

And then I got all shy!

Yes, me, shy! Really!

A small crowd of Toddies had gathered. Then Andrew ran down his last peak and round the corner! Still up on schedule!





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