Assault on Blackpool


So with wheels burning a hole in my imagination all week I decided to treat them to a little trip to the seaside, worried that the other wheels in the bike’s bedroom might have been telling them nasty stories about being thrashed up and down the hills, god knows what the worn out rims would say!?

So Reynolds are an American brand, I thought they might enjoy the cultural delights of Blackpool, see the lights, the tower, chips on the prom, have their picture taken with a donkey. A typical British seaside day. Oh yes I know how to treat then nice 😉

And it’s pretty much flat! Yes me, riding a flat route, who’d have thought it!

And we woke up and it was pi**ing down. 😦

However I am an optimist, deciding that it was just a shower and we would ride anyway.

See now this is what happens, something fun arrives, this time the Reynolds Assault wheels, I get all excited…..and then it rains. I may start to take it personally.

In full winter waterproofs off we rolled. Honestly I’d really like to have a cyclist tan that starts above the knee not below! Straight into a headwind. This could be a long 55 miles. The rain was lashing down. The roads were swimming. The wind went from headwind to sidewind and back to headwind again. At least you know Black Chilli sticks well in the wet!

You really get to know a wheel when it’s rough. The 46mm profile was fine, even when the wind smacked you from the side, pleasantly surprising. Stopping in the wet is always interesting, whatever type of rim you ride, the Reynolds braking surface is certainly the best carbon surface I’ve tried. They don’t snatch the way other brands can. Reasuring when you don’t know the road too well.

Now the problem with being a girl on a bike, bib-shorts and needing a wee when the weather is howling. You boys don’t know how lucky you are! Hunting out the hidden toilets, various states of grimness! This one wasn’t too bad, winner of top toilet 2009 no less!


Nearly having another sense of humour failure again and worried that Ali wouldn’t be having much fun either we plugged on…and on…it felt like forever…I think I’d convinced myself that the wheels were slow, I nearly sulked! I’m not quite sure why I never give the wind enough credit for how much it slows you down!?

Finally we arrived. Starving! Now for those of you who’ve never been to Blackpool, it’s not exactly a place where one could leave ones bike outside, even with a huge lock round it! Starving and dripping we wheeled them both straight into Harry Ramsdens, not a fan of chain stores but it looked like a magic oasis of warmth! To be fair the lad behind the till was really friendly, huge smile and didn’t even laugh at us too much as we dripped and mumbled infront of him.


You know how dangerous it is to eat chips without a helmet right!?


Well I think we added a little bit of class to Blackpool, slinky steeds eh?!

Staring out of the window at the building opposite covered in scaffold being blasted by the wind, it’s plastic coating whipping like a sail made leaving the warmth of the chippy all the harder. Sods law says that even if you’ve had your face sandblasted on the way there it’s unlikey to turn into a tailwind, sometimes even swinging right round to greet you with more headwind, but no, we had a real TAILWIND! Wooooooo Hoooooo! Boy do the wheels fly when they want to. We had gained half a mile an hour up on our average speed within the first 5 miles home! Whoooooosh! The rain had stopped too! Winner!

Much cheered by this, my smile had returned, my mind started to become it’s inventive self again. My gold chain was squeeking. I hate any noises coming from the bike. It was then I had my second genius plan (I’m not telling you the first one, it’s a secret for Oli, if it works you’ll know). So we often have sushi delivered from and the soy sauce arrives in a little fish. I could put oil in the little fish! It would hardly weigh a thing and if I go out and get soaked to the point of washing all the oil out again then it would only take a second. Winner! 

So in the happiness of problem solving I chewed Ali’s ears off all the way home. I think she was quite glad she didn’t have to speak, she’d planned on catching the train home from Blackpool but had some how done the whole 110 miles! Chapeau.

And what’s better than fresh cookies when we got home.


So do I have any critisisms of the Assault wheels? Yes the stickers got dirty in the rain, I can’t stand a dirty bike!

Oh and I want to ride them on a nice sunny day….hear that weather? A SUNNY day, pretty please!




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