Summer Evening Treats


So it’s nearly my birthday, so I thought I’d be extra nice to Ali and make all the bikes extra clean and sparkly. I also thought it might be fun to let her have a play on the Reyonlds Assault wheels. Ali’s normal wheels are nice but they’re just wheels, nothing so exciting. I swapped the cassettes over and put the special blue brake pads in.

She’d had a long day at work, so something exciting for a balmy evenings ride to put an extra big smile on her face. It’s a good way for her to see what differences she feels as we both have the same tyres and tubes.

We headed out on the tops past the windmills. Some of my favorite bits of local roads. Pendle is in view and on a clear day you can see the three peaks.

How are you finding them I asked? A big grin as a shout of “I can go whooooooosssshhhh!” and “It’s like being on a fairground ride!”

I’ll let her write a few thoughts….

I was quite excited to find race wheels on my bike this evening, always wondered what all the fuss was about. I was not dissapointed! To be honest my legs were a bit tired but I still went faster, I pedalled as hard as I could for of the 20 mile loop to make the most of them.  Better start saving…….



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