Having fun with The Cycle Show


Gosh what a funny weekend! I spied a tweet from The Cycle Show requesting Yorkshire cyclists to play out on the first weekend of September. With a few arm waving in the air tweets back and forth and a few emails I was lucky enough to be able to go along.

The plan was that each of the eight cyclists were to play on some rather fancy bikes and give feed back. All good.

Then the nerves got me…would I keep up? Look daft? Honestly I really must think sometimes before volunteering!


Now I was going to write a bit about what I thought of what I rode…..but I’ve changed my mind! Ha!


so you’ll all have to tune in to see instead 🙂

I can guarantee a little posing…..


And some very nice motorbike camera men who too Ali out for a spin….


…mainly it was one of those weekend where you meet some really nice people who you may never have met. I learnt loads, got to look down the cameras, got to realise quite how much goes into putting such things together, played with some ace bikes and some ace people.

Please do watch. It’s on Monday 10th September at 8pm on ITV4.

It’s also the last one in the series. I’d really like to see it recomissioned. It’s very hard to make a programme that will suit everyone in cycling, but given a chance to expand and explore we’ll get to know more of the characters of our sport and that can only be a good thing.


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