New Lezyne lights.

Look what arrived in the post from Upgrade! Now I know I’m a sucker for little cute things but with these lights Lezyne have really upped the game.


It’s the time of year where it’s really easy to get caught out and end up risking getting squashed when you’re still out on your best bike without any lights and suddenly dusk falls. I know I’ve been guilty a couple of times in the last week or so. So off to that mucky box of winter gubbins to discover all the batteries are flat and the water got in and corroded stuff. Also I don’t want manky lights on my nice GF-Ti, they’ll spoil it!

So what I wanted was a pocket sized light that would get me back safe. I’ve become bored of endlessly replacing dinky LED rubber lights when they fail. It’s not very eco either.

Out of the packaging comes the Lezyne Micro Drive rear light. It’s got a really nice solid yet light feel to it. Lezyne have a real knack for that. Then I discover it’s rechargeable. It charges via USB, bloody brilliant, you can’t forget your charger! They’re everywhere!


It has a screw off back with a rubber washer to keep the dirt and wet out. It clunks very snuggly into its mount. The mount requires no tools or adjusting as its stretchy rubbery stuff and is mounted in seconds.


So now I’m waiting for it to go dark so that I can go and play with it (I did warn you I was a geek with such things!). Then I spot an extra winner…..It has a daylight setting! So that’s a selection of night flashes at 30 lumens for up to 5 hours or 5 lumens for 16 hours OR a scary bright 70 lumens of daytime flashing for 2.5 hours. Ace for this time of year.

n.b. Don’t look at the lense Emma!

I love how it states on the packet ‘do not use on daylight mode in the dark’. That must mean ‘Yorkshire fog setting’ in my book 🙂

So now I’m all nice and bright for winter 🙂 only problem….now my partner Ali wants one too!

I’ll report back on what they’re like in the dark.

Seriously though, please check your lights, don’t get caught out. It’s not worth it for the sake of a few quid on new lights. Plus it gives all us cyclists a bad name if we give drivers the willies by being invisible.



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