Mills Hills Sportive…NEWS


So as we get closer there have been more developments… 

After doing yet another event with soggy slop for food and a free bottle we decided that isn’t what you want. So we decided that it was better to include your tasty homemade PIE with your entry fee and sack off the bottle.

Let’s be fair one bottle is never any use anyway if you want to be co-ordinated!

We’ve also added a £5 physio voucher for every finisher from Mills Physiotherapy. Not that we think it’s a challenging route and you’ll need it šŸ˜‰

We’ve created a Strava segment of the long route, though I’m fairly easy to beat. Just don’t stop in the cafe for an hour!

We have those lovely folks from Blazing Saddles on hand to do you a free safety check before the event. (Any work will needed will carry a small charge). They’re our local bike shop in Hebden Bridge.


What more could you want….oh I know….CASH PRIZES! Yes a local business has donated a CASH prize for the timed climbs!


Get entered!


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