Mills Hills Sportive, from the organising side. Thank you

Wow! What can I say I’m still buzzing! I hope you’re settled down nicely with a cup of tea and a biccie, there’s even some spare muffins left if you’d prefer one of those.

Finally Mills Hills weekend had arrived. For the entrants it’s just a day but for us it is the culmination of months of work. Writing and preparing the routes, getting landowner permissions in place, sorting insurance, counting pies, finding marshals. The list goes on and on and on.

I think I’ll start with the thank you list. Firstly to my partner Ali for putting up with another one of my daft ideas. Next has to be Mark and Natasha Walsh who run MyTriClub and have done all the complicated bits and have the experience of running lots of events, without them we couldn’t have done it. They were a pleasure to work with and we’re already planning the next one. To Dave and Laura from Sportsunday who not only come along and take the pictures but who also work tirelessly behind the scenes promoting events. All the picture in this post are from them.


I’d like to thank my sponsors too for donating prizes and supplying flags and banners. Hurrah for Oli at Morvelo and Dom at Kinesis.


A big thank you to Clif for the boxes and boxes of Clifbars that the entrants munched through. To Ran at Teko for the big box of socks to put in the prize pot for the hill climbs.


A huge thank you to James from Blazing Saddles who got up early and in his own free time checked everyones bike was in safe order before setting off.


Thank you to Drive By Pie for baking 339 pies for the day. I’ve never seen so many pies. And GOOD pies too.

Thank you to The Print Bureau for designing all our posters, maps and flyers. Sourcing us special paper for the route cards. I promise I’ll give you more notice for the next one.


Thank you to Mytholmroyd Community Centre for opening up at silly o’clock so we could set up.


To Alan, Dave, Dave, Jason, Beate, Dave and Brant for help sorting the routes and promoting the event beforehand and making the cute films with me.


Special thanks to Pauline for trusting that we weren’t lost when marking out the cx route across the moors in pitch darkness with no lights relying entirely on my memory of where we were going! Bit scary really!


To all our marshals, Colin, Rhys and Alex for their fancy dress tea room feed station, to Barry, Kathy and Wayne guiding traffic. To Elise for assisting with the timing. To Chrispy, JP, Richard and Jane for helping get the signs in.

To Foggy for being Foggy 🙂 he marked out, swept, made sure you were all safe and supplied the lovely music at the finish!

To Alan for lending Mike from the Print Bureau a bike to do the cx. Yes that’s a bouncing down hill rider on a cx bike!

So as you can see, it’s not just a day, it’s like mobilising an army! A happy army though. We’ve had some amazing feed back from lots of happy folk. Some think I’m a sadist for writing such a route but I think It was a lovely way to see Calderdale at it’s finest. The weather faires had worked their magic and given us glorious sunshine. Autumn colours are beginning to flow up the valley sides.

Here’s some blogs from riders on the day.

Dave Haygarth

Alan Dorrington…

Richard Seipp (His son Minipips was our youngest rider)…



I’m sure more will follow.

The thing I’m most happy with is seeing lots of people have a really good day out. That’s what makes it a buzz.

I’m shattered now, still we fly with the bike to Majorca on Wednesday.

The next events are already in the pipeline with Kendal Sportive on the 24th March and Clif’cross on the 20th April. Entries are open now…..and if you’re really keen Mills Hills is open for next year too. Results from this year can be found here too.

What fun 🙂


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