Building the #EVO5 at @BlazingsHB and why the local bike shop is important.


Finally the postman had arrived with my EVO5, now it will be no surprise to most to say that I was a little excited. I’d decided this time that I wanted to do as much of the build myself, I’ve spent years hanging about in the local bike shop Blazing Saddles in Hebden Bridge attempting to learn as much as I could. Proudly exclaiming to John the owner that I was going to see how far I could get before I got stuck. He wiggled his eyebrows in a John like way and delicatly said “You could just put all the bits in a box and bring them down?” “No, no I’ll be fine” I exclaim and head off home.

Frame out of box, I remember I need to face the bearing surfaces. Back to the shop…..I thought it migh be an idea to take the forks down too…just in case…..

Now I have faced surfaces before, thankfully John reminded me of the bits I’d forgotten and I did it myself without too much trouble. Next for the headset, now the GF-Ti is easy to do as you don’t need a headset press and the crown race has a little gap so doesn’t need the whacking bit….So thanks to John again for taking over and making sure it was safe….oh and tapping out the fiddly bit where some paint had escaped into…

By which time late night Thursday opening had become a little bit too late and Johns dinner was getting closer to the dog, so off I went home. 

I managed to put all the other pieces together, FSA bars, stem, seatpost, extra cute bright green spacers. I fitted all the BBB cables to the 105 Groupset. I tried posh cables on the GF-Ti but they never felt right. You know where you are with BBB. The Reynolds Assault clinchers look mint against the white of the frame.


Gear in place and it’s time to fit the TRP Magnesium brakes, now I have to admit that I’ve lost the allen key that fits them, so really it was a lost cause from the start! A handful of little gold coloured pieces all sitting in front of me. Hmmm….this looked tricky, I began by reading the instructions…I followed them to the word…. “If unsure please get a qualified mechanic to assemble”….who am I to argue 😉

Back to Blazing Saddles, this time it was James to the rescue. For those that remember it was James who gave his time up for free to make sure all the riders set off safe at Mills Hills Sportive. I waved the little bag of bits at him and he began. Then stopped. “You do know you’ve wired the brakes the wrong way round don’t you?” Whoops! I think I’ll stick to wrapping the bars eh!

Now it must be added that this is probably the most I’ve built of my own bike and I’m happy with all that I’ve learnt. Still I wouldn’t be able to do it without the help of the local shop, not only do they put up with all my questions but they have those little handy bit’s that I’d forgotten and far more knowledge and skill than I’ll ever have. Hurrrah for the little shops, support them, you never know when they’ll save the day.

And now I’m safe to go for my first adventure…. Cyclist vs. Harriers…..I wonder if it’s wise that my first trip will be a race….followed by skills with Crossjunkie and SparkyTurner on Sunday.



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