It’s the #festive500 and a fine excuse to christen the TK3

So it’s the silly season. The idea is to ride 500km between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

The nice lady in the telly informed us what a nice day it would be to begin.


The TK3 was finished with minutes to spare before Blazing Saddle shut for Christmas. Thank you John for cutting the steerer and tweaking my gears.


You may laugh at my colour scheme but it was nice to look at happy colours through the gloom as I set out up Cragg Vale for the maiden voyage.


As I climbed up past Bacup I came upon a nasty traffic accident. Two fire engines, two ambulances and three police cars. It made me sad. Though as I got to the front of the queue, the woman in the car at the front wound down her window. “They say it’s a 20 minute wait” I looked in to see she was wearing a head torch, scissors, paper and bows in hand and was busy wrapping her presents. “i’ve not got a spare 20 minutes later” she exclaimed. A chap came over to say I could get through on my bike but to be careful of broken glass. I wished them a happy Christmas and moved on.

I didn’t look, I didn’t want to. Be careful out there folks.

Three cheers for our emergency services and the work that they do. Stay safe.

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