Christmas Day #festive500 Holme Moss photo challenge

Stockings hung by the fire…..or is that overshoes on the radiator?


Twinkly lights shimmering bright…..or hers and hers matching Leyzne Microdrive charging?


A romantic Christmas lunch…..with Clifbar!


So the challenge was set the day before. To ride to the top of Holme Moss and take a picture of yourselves with the summit sign. We were riding out and so was one of the youngest doing the #festive500 challenge, young Minipips and his Dad Richpips. Not at the same time, they were heading out from a different location. It rained all day. Ali took some talking into the detour to get the summit photo but as I’d promised Minipips, we couldn’t let him down.


You can hardly see the stitch 😉

One puncture on the way home, now you know why I always carry rubber gloves, no mess!


It may have been wet but we had a great day, Ali has never been up Homle Moss before. It was too windy last time we tried.


When we got in I looked on the twitter feed and to my delight Minipips and Richpips had been there too.


And now for some roast beef. 

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