I thought I’d done a flat route for the #festive500

Now as the challenge continues the logistics become more interesting. We’re off to do Tod ‘cross tomorrow, so whilst it’s quite active, it doesn’t really cover much mileage. So ideally I don’t want to do too much today so I’m feeling sprightly tomorrow…..at least that’s what I’m telling myself….or am I plotting an excuse. Then to round things off we have a trip planned for New Years Eve. 

Now it’s not fair on my partner Ali to have too much mileage on the last day. She won’t like it. We have a provisional plan of catching the Settle to Carlisle train and then riding home. The weather looks horrid though so she may put her foot down.

Which takes us back to today. We live in the Pennines, it’s quite hilly, it’s raining and the wind is blowing. I didn’t fancy grinding away into the wind on the tops, so I took what I thought was a flatter route……


I think I’d decided that it was flatter so thought I’d carry on a bit more. I took roads I didn’t know, I’d stayed off the little roads to try to avoid too much debris and flooding. Even the sheep looked like they’d had enough.


It was a strange ride, I’ve been trying not to repeat my routes for the challenge. Normally if the weather is terrible I go for a quick blast round Cragg Vale or stay inside. Yet that didn’t really feel right. I think it’s because I’d rather be plotting the route for the last day 🙂

Still I did have a couple of winners for the day. I got a new saddle from my Dad for Christmas and I found some better pedals in a drawer whilst looking for spare tubes. So it’s all good!


Not far now.

However if anyone sees me at Tod, I’ve obviously had an epic, classic, killer, legendary, heroic saga of a week and it’s nothing to do with my lack of skills 😉


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