Hit the North….what a week! A catch up blog

So finally the weekend of Hit the North had arrived. Now to give you a small picture of how distracted I’ve been this week, I nearly turned up on Sunday rather than Saturday!

As you’ll know along with Oli and Mark we’ve been organising the new Morvelo CityCross event in Halifax on March 3rd. Yes that’s two weeks time. All was going well until through no fault of our own, the land owner revoked our permission to use the original site. You can read more on www.citycross.co.uk

Not quite the build up we had in mind when we started out all those months ago with the plan of racing Hit the North. 

Throw into this mix the fact that my partner Ali had managed to trap a nerve in her shoulder some how at the CityCross photo shoot a week and a half ago and was unable to race.

So rather than have a race between ourselves we had a grumble off in the van on the way over.

It didn’t last long though, soon as we arrived smiling faces were everywhere. Merry faces in the wintery sunshine.


I will confess to having not polished my Kinesis EVO5 before the race…..I know, bad Emma. Most unusual!

After bagpipes, the Major’s speech and a good luck kiss I rolled my way down to the start. It was a bit of a bottle neck of MTB’s but soon we we’re away and whirling into the berms.


Now let’s be fair, it’s been a steep learning curve since getting the EVO5. I would have chickened out on most of what I rode today when it arrived. I chickened out on a few bits but having seen the great photo’s up on www.sportsunday.co.uk I’ve realised that quite a few paople did too!

And boy was I glad that the EVO5 was so light when it came to the slog across the swamp field.


All in all a great morning out, it cleared my mind beautifully. I wasn’t even bothered too much when I punctured on the last lap. It wasn’t worth fixing at that stage so had a lovely chat with pals at the finish.

Fantastically well organised. Great photo’s including these from SportSunday. 

But I really need to work on my race face and stop grinning! Hope to see you all at CityCross on March 3rd.



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