Building #citycross with a digger and @calderdale volunteers – a blog.

So I was a bit excited at the planning stage, I’m good at visualisations. I can take an idea in my mind and work with it three dimensionally. Yet still, when it comes to it I’m always pleasantly surprised when it actually begins to take shape. This time it was almost too exciting.

It’s the last few days before the inaugrual Morvelo City Cross. Oli and Big Dave are up from Brighton and Mark and Foggy are down from Kendal. We met Peter from the Calderdale Council who has been so helpful in getting everything together when we had to move site. Soon a giant tractor and digger arrived. Oli turned into a big kid again.


Soon after Chris from Calderdale council arrived with the Volunteers. Now to be fair I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when he mentioned them, but oh my god! How lucky we’re we to have their help. they did the mother of all litter picks! With chirpy smiles all day long.


In the mean time Oli began building his berm.


The digger began dragging the surface off to get the vehicles in.


Whilst I spoke with Mark and the scaffolders about the bridge on one side of the course….Oli continued with his berm.


With the entry and the starting area clear the digger started on the bar and sand pit area. (Now you know why he’s called Big Dave)


More digging!


Oli’s berm was starting to have a personality of it’s own….


And still the digger dug…Swooping up and down bits cleared


And on we dug


In the mean time Chris and the Volunteers had removed 147 bags of rubbish! See I told you they were good. Hurrah for Calderdale eh!


And the digger went off to pat down Vulpine corner.


And Oli loved his berm


I can assure you that this will be a race like no other. Online entry is open for another 24 hours. Enter online if you want good gridding. 

We will accept entry on the day however a £5 surcharge will be applied.


I’m excited, really excited! And we haven’t even started putting all the barriers and the scaffolding up yet!



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