City Cross – The Thank You





Wow, just wow! What a weekend, I think it’s surpassed even my expectations of how much fun it could be for you all. I’m sure you’ve read many race reports and blogs that are doing the rounds, seen some of the amazing photography and films. I know there’s a few more still to come too.


I wanted to write this post to thank all those involved. It wasn’t until I started making a list that I realised quite how many that is. So I’ll begin. Most important for me is my partner Ali who has supported me working pretty much full time on City Cross for the last two months. Without this there is no way the event could have been put together in such a short time scale. Next is Mark Walsh from MyTriClub and Smartiming. We’ve worked on a couple of projects now and as always it’s a pleasure. He’s had to balance the logistical side and the entries whilst still doing the timing for everyone else events too. To Oli and Dave at Morvelo, they too have worked tirelessly creating the website and all the design work. I know it’s a huge amount of trust that they had to put in me on the ground to make sure that the event stayed in the style of Morvelo. They’ve sourced some of the sponsors for prizes and made sure we got the publicity that we needed to get it off the ground.


Joolze Dymond Photography and Tim from WhiteNoSugarTV, their way of seeing the world and creating the magic.


I’d like to thank Brighouse Scaffolding for coping with my wavy pictures and turning it into a bridge. To the digger driver and the sand delivery and the toilets and barriers.


Now to thank those who believed in us. Dom at Kinesis UK for the all important Kowbells, the Khasm and the Krest and even putting wheels in the prizes. To Ross and Scot at Saddleback for coming up and bringing some top prizes from Arundel and Bont and the HUGE jump. Vulpine for bringing up the fabulous and stylish urban foxes, cabbages, marshmallows and more prizes in the shape of their lovely jerseys. Madison, for prizes and race tape. To Hope for more race tape. The Print Bureau for all the banners and sourcing special paper for numbers. The boys from RedBull for the wigwam and prize fund. GreatRock for the skills day. Smartiming for wavering the timing fee to get the event established. To Dark Star for the beer for the shortcut. To Upgrade for the Lezyne prizes. Morvelo for the T’s in the Prizes.


To Audra and her pink Angels for the First Aid.


Special thanks must go to Calderdale Council. It’s so refreshing to discover how pro cycling they are and how much they want to see things happen for their people. Peter, Katie, Chris, Chris, Robin and the army of volunteers.


I’d like to thank the food stalls, Fish&, Exchange Coffee, Streatza, Organic House, The Porkery and the bar. Also the stalls and stands AnaNichoola, Charge Bikes, Stag Clothing and OdPod. Mills Physiotherapy, Antony Oram.


Huge thank you to Gilly Dukes who out of the blue sent us a mail asking if we’d like her to come along representing Huddersfield Star Cycling Club and put on the kids entertainment.


To James from Blazing Saddles who manned the pits and any mechanicals on behalf of Blazing Saddles.


To Brant for providing the tunes. To the Mayor for starting us off and doing the prize giving. The Bicycle Academy for the trophies. Singletrack and Jo Burt from Road CC for publicity.


Foggy, for digging and hammering and staying up all night with Mark to keep the site safe and being our head marshal.


To Matt Payne for managing to commentate all day long so that everyone knew what was going on.


To Phil the horse for having a whole selection of tools stashed about his person whilst doing amazing stunt jumps at the same time as building them.


South Coast Sprints for providing the roller racing.


To Alan, Jack, Mark and Louise for giving up their time to make the original film.


To Jeff, for lending me a faster computer and making the second film at short notice.


And most of all to every rider who came and had fun. Every spectator who had never watched a bike race before yet came away enthused.


We’re already planning the next one. You can help support this by buying t’s from Morvelo at The proceeds from these are ploughed straight back into the next event.


From the same events team we have Wheelbase Cycles Spring Classic on 24th March in Kendal and Clif’cross on 20th April. Please go to for more details.


Thank you all.




Photos Joolze Dymond.


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