Day 4 on the @EDT_news Lanzarote camp – I admit to being human

So, my favourite day on camp, normally…. Tabeyesco Hill climb. If you don’t know this is one of the iconic climbs of the island. It’s just under 10km with a gradient averaging 5.5% covering the 550m of climb. Sounds easy right? Nothing is easy of guaranteed here, the wind blasts the island. You never know what you’ll get. Last year it was really windy, as you span up each of the white walled hairpins the wind did it’s worst, one way you were tanking in the big ring and next minute you hit a wall of hot arrid air which almost brought you to a standstill. Yet each year I look forward to it.

This year it was my turn to do the timing, so I was off first, notebook and a borrowed watch (obviously extra weight ;)). Now granted it’s far easier being the fox rather than the bunny, but fair is fair and I was the bunny. Off I went, where were my legs….of yes I remember, I killed them yesterday playing silly buggers with the fast group. If I’d have trained more before camp, it would have probably been ok, however CityCross ate so much time I’ve done no long rides 😦


I chased in my head any cyclist I spotted to try to give myself a boost….still no legs. Up and up I span, my legs just felt tired. Loads slower than last year and it wasn’t even that windy.

Jo was delighted, she had the most amazing ride as the fox this year. Smashed her PB. AND laughed her head off that my legs finally crumpled!

Ali also had a great ride, wasn’t last and even posted a faster time than 4 of the campers, not bad for a bad knee and little riding! 

So, next year….How about a head to head Jo? No drafting, off from the gun?



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