Grenzsteintrophy – The kit list

For the curious.

Bike –

Kinesis Sync 27.5

Lauf 29’er fork

Kinesis 27.5 wheel set with WTB 2.8″ Ranger on the front, WTB 2.4″ Riddler on the rear. Both Tubeless with Stans Race (big bits) sealant.

A mix of XT and XTR for the controls.

Praxis PF30 to nice and normal converter BB. (I’m sure it has a technical name but you get the idea)

Gearing – Praxis 32t with Praxis 11/40 cassette.

Jones carbon loop bars with EZI grips

Thompson finishing kit including a shimmed down seat post to give me 27.2 for extra flex with a stronger Hope seat clamp.

Lezyne bell. (mini drum kit in my head)

Bags –

Apidura small front containing –

Vaude Norsken matt, Vaude silk liner, Vaude Cheyenne 200 down sleeping bag, Rapha long sleeve merino base layer, Rapha merino beanie hat, Rapha insulated gilet, Arm warmers, leg warmers, Rapha waterproof.

Apidura small rear seat pack containing –

Vaude power lizard 1p tent.

Cookset – Ortbeib folding coffee filter, Esbit pellet stove, 12 pellets, large esbit Ti mug with lid, small Alpkit Ti mug, lighter, home made tinfoil screen, coffee in Ortleib non tear food pouch, filters.

Packs of tissues, folding toothbrush, toothpaste, wet wipes, sun tan lotion, Smidge repellant, Sportique Century Ride cream.

Rapha Brevette bib shorts, Rapha light weight merino base layer, Rapha Lightweight jersey, Castelli sports bra, socks.

Tiny travel towel.

Lezyne rear light.

Lezyne Top Tube bag next to seat post – 

Mech hanger, first aid kit, tyre levers, dental floss on a needle (for tyre tears), Razor head (standards! you can tape it to a tyre lever and shave your legs!), 2 split links, 2 x M4, M5, M3 bolts. Pain killers, anti- histamines. cable ties. Brake pads. Tin opener. Small bar of soap. Patch kit, tubeless repair worms.

Lezyne top tube bag next to stem –

Battery booster, cables for all (phone, garmin, charge pack) EU USB plug with two ports, tick pullers, Lezyne headlight. Water sterilisation tabs. Lezyne Micro C watch with loaded routes as back up.

Lezyne fuel pod left side-

FOOD! Mostly what I could find.

Lezyne fuel pod right side –

Booster for garmin, cafe lock, esbit Ti folding spoon, tissue pack, High 5 zero tabs. Small Aloe vera Vaseline. (for those that know me, yes! I actually remembered lip balm….which was handy in many ways)

Strapped to frame –

Louri strap – Lezyne Multitool with knife, spare tube.

Louri strap x2 with Lezyne bottles

One PDW Birdcage with Lezyne high volume pump, gorilla tape wrapped on two points.


All points of contact with the bike were wrapped with Effetto Shelter tape.

I wore –

Lazer Z1 with custom aeroshell and Lezyne light mount

POC Glasses

Rapha Brevette bib shorts, Brevette Jersey, fine merino base layer, Brevette gloves. Castelli sports bra. Socks.

Scott carbon soled lace up MTB shoes.

In my pockets –

Phone, Rapha city wind jacket, Essentials case (money, cards, tickets, passport, useful numbers)

And that was it.

Things I didn’t use – breakdown spares.

Things I wouldn’t take again – nothing.

Things I would take next time – something for settling stomach.

Why tent over bivy? I hate getting bitten by insects as I react badly, I was bitten ridiculously badly by ticks and horse flies, it was warm, I was able to sleep with the sleeping bag like a duvet and just in the silk liner with a bit more space.

This is just my list, it’s what was right for me, might not be right for you. Just thought I’d share.



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