Patting the Lucky Dog!

RAIN RAIN RAIN….Don’t worry this isn’t a grumpy post, more a frustrated post. I have shiny new YBN gold chain that I want to go play with, I know it stays gold but I still don’t fancy grinding my Hope carbon tubs through this weather! Yesterday …

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Because we are your friends

We truly believe you’d be better off with us So come, Come to the land where anything belongs No one else will let you know the truth You’ll never be alone again Well come on, well come on Well come on, well come on Because we are your friends You…

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Off we set again in ‘Snail’, our van, heading for the Lake District to ride the Lakeland Loop. No sushi this time unfortunatly, but we did treat ourselves to dinner at Lucy’s in Ambleside, *ahem* not entirely sure that tapas can be considered the …

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