Lots of bikes but very little riding!

Ever have one of those days? Having spent yesterday with J building up the new steed only to run out of time and still have the steerer to cut, we decided why rush and it’s getting done tomorrow.I had planned to take it out today round the Coal Ro…

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The 200 Mile Commute

It’s ok, it wasn’t all in one day! Chopped up into four days it’s much less dramatic…..the weather however did its best! I’ve been lucky this week and had a nice long commute to work and if I choose, there’s a few nice wiggly hilly options to co…

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The Build. The Prologue

“So far she’s having Dura-Ace with SLK Light cranks and Hope carbon wheels” “She? Ha, you’ve sexed a Ti bike? That would have been my choice though, they look ideal for round here. Clinchers, presumably?” “Nope, tubs! I’m not getting it dirty! I h…

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